reveals a new look :)

Over the past several months we have been working to update and revamp our website.  We loved the old one, but realized it was no longer user-friendly for all of you.  It looked horrible on mobile devices and tablets – impossible to read and difficult to navigate.  Thinking back, that made sense because we last updated it prior to completion of our facility.  I still consider our office space brand new, but we will be in this location 5 years in October so needless to say we were outdated.  Take a moment to browse through the new site.  Under the patient education tab we now have links to multiple educational videos and under the  services tab you can get a more comprehensive look at what we offer for our patients.  The doctors and office manager just finished a tutorial on how to maintain the site ourselves so we hope to keep new content coming on a frequent basis.  We also have made all of our social media easily accessible from every page, though our Pinterest and Instagram are still under development, our website will be a good starting point to see how you can keep up with us on social media.  Lastly, we would love your feedback (and we really mean it!).  Our goal was to build a site helpful to our patients, so if there is something that we need to add let us know, if there is something that does not work well let us know, and if there is something you are tired of seeing let us know.  Fresh eyes see things differently and we want to know what yours see!


Our new homepage

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