What We do on Fridays…

day-offEver wonder what we do when we aren’t in the office seeing patients?  Come on, I’m sure you’ve wondered what we do on Friday’s…no we aren’t sleeping in and hanging out in our pajamas all day.

Believe it or not we spend a lot of time training through many Continuing Education (CE) courses.  The NC Dental State Board requires that we complete at least 14 hours of continuing education yearly.  We have to submit these hours to the board and if we don’t obtain them we can’t renew our dental license.

Together we plan and attend continuing education that we know will benefit our patients and choose classes in areas that we are truly passionate about.  We’ve already reached 410 hours of CE between the two of us (Dr. Lutz-Craver and Dr. karner) in less than 2 years.  We were amazed when we added our hours together!  Your favorite hygienists and dental assistants also complete CE yearly.  For hygienists they must complete 6 hours of training yearly and Certified Dental Assistants must complete 12 hours.

These CE classes are a way to stay up to date with the latest advances in technology and procedures that we can offer you as our patients in the dental field.  Every dental professional can choose which classes they attend.  Being that we love our technology here at Cornerstone Dental we choose CEREC (same day crown and bridge) classes, implant dentistry and cone beam tomography (our 3D panorex) to focus on, as well as, Spear Dental Education and Pankey Dental Education that really take everything we have learned in dental school and amplify it to really dig deep and understand the practice of dentistry.

When not in class a lot of us volunteer at Free dental buses in the community and Free dental clinics like the Missions of Mercy dental clinic put on yearly in Charlotte.

We strive to stay up to date and make it a goal to push ourselves to be able to provide you with the best we can offer not only in our dental skills but knowledge as well.