Ever Want to Ask Your Hygienist a Random Question? Well We Did! See What They Say!

October was National Dental Hygiene Month and we couldn’t be more excited to spotlight our “Fantastic Four” Hygienists!  Did you know that your hygienist plays a very valuable role in the dental office?  Yeah she “cleans” your teeth but she is not a “maid” 😉  She is a master at how to care for your teeth to prevent the need for fillings, extractions, and other dental work that you need to see us for.  Hygienist responsibilities vary from State to State but here in North Carolina and in our office Brenda, Katie, Kiley and Candice do their best at each of your visits to evaluate your complete oral health along with removing stain, calculus and plaque from the surfaces of your teeth.  They take  Xrays of your teeth, evaluate and manage your gum tissues, educate you and guide you when it comes to how to care for your teeth and why, as well as, offer guidance about your nutrition and how it plays a large role in your oral health.

Now for the fun!  We asked our hygienists the same random questions.   We’ve included the questions below with their answers since we are still trying to conquer the art of video editing and it was a little hard to hear their answers in the videos (all videos have been posted on our Facebook and Pinterest pages)  😉  Enjoy!!




What is your favorite song on your iPod?  

Candice – Any 80’s music like “Hey Mickey, you’re so fine…”

Kiley – Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”

Katie – “Pump it”  by the Black Eye’d Peas

Brenda – “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns

What sound do you love the most?

Candice – laughter

Kiley – my kids laughing

Katie – to hear a baby laugh

Brenda– laughter

If you could learn to do anything what would it be?

Candice – sing

Kiley – play the piano

Katie – shag

Brenda – play the piano

If you could be immortal for a day what would you do?

Candice – skydive

Kiley- skydive or bungee jump

Katie – skydive or anything to do with heights

Brenda – nothing any different than I already do today

If you could change your first name what would it be?

Candice – Olivia

Kiley – Francesca

Katie – Savannah

Brenda – Sophia

What celebrity have you been mistaken for or wish you were mistaken for?

Candice – I don’t anymore but I use to be mistaken for LeAnn Rhimes because I use to have a big diastemma between my front two teeth

Kiley – I use to get mistaken for Topanga on Boy Meets World

Katie – I don’t get mistaken for celebrities but I wish I was mistaken for Katherine Heigl

Brenda – Jessica Lane

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

Candice – speeding

Kiley – talk a lot

Katie – smart mouth

Brenda – taking dares from my brother

When was the last time you were nervous?

Candice – before giving birth to my kids

Kiley – right now

Katie – now

Brenda – Right now!