Sensitivity Controlling You?

It’s amazing how many people we see in our office that have sensitive teeth!  The metal from the instruments, cold water, and air can make for a not so comfortable experience here and we are constantly looking for what product or procedure we can offer to our patients to help.

Most people have what is called dentin hypersensitivity.  Your teeth have 3 layers.  The outside layer we see is called enamel on the root surface it’s called cementum, the second layer as we work towards the center of the tooth is dentin and the third layer is pulp (the nerve and blood supply to the tooth). Dentin hypersensitivity is typically found in patients whose dentin has become exposed by gingival recession, periodontal therapy, loss of tooth enamel due to toothbrush abrasion, erosion, and tooth wear due to clinching and grinding. The tubules that go from the enamel to the dentin become exposed and typically temperatures and touch can cause a sharp pain that can be very painful.

exposed dentin

In the past year we have learned about a product by GC America called MI Paste.  MI Paste is not a toothpaste.  It is a “cream” that you can apply yourself over your teeth after brushing and then it should be left in place for 3-5 minutes. You don’t have to rinse your mouth out afterwards since any excess will dissolve naturally and is safe if swallowed. Those who use it should allow 30 minutes after use before partaking in any food or beverages for best results.


MI Paste contains a substance called Recaldent. Recaldent releases calcium and phosphate to the surface of the teeth which enables enhanced absorption. This absorption of minerals is very helpful in sealing off the dentin tubules exposed in most people who suffer from tooth sensitivity.

When prescription fluoride toothpaste and applications of desensitizer don’t work for you this is your next best option for your sensitive teeth!  We just recently learned that CREST came out with new desensitizing patches…we haven’t had any feedback from patients yet regarding this product but as soon as we hear we will let you know.