Celebrating 50 Years…

We couldn’t believe one morning while we were going through our patient’s for the day that one of our patient’s had been in the practice for 50 years, a definite celebration we wanted to be sure to announce at their visit.  However, it got us thinking, has it really been 50 years since Dr. Henshaw established what is now known as Cornerstone Dental Associates? It was!

Dr. Henshaw opened his doors back in 1965.  Some may remember his dental practice on Lee Street here in Shelby.  Dr. Henshaw was a wonderful dentist known for his large hands, extremely caring and kind attitude, and great dentistry.  He moved his practice in 1974 to Warren Street and ended up sharing the building with Dr. Ellis, Dr. Spangler and Dr. Trawick.


Dr. Lutz-Craver graduated dental school in 2003 and began working with Dr. Henshaw that Fall.  When Dr. Henshaw retired in 2005, Dr. Lutz-Craver helped keep his practice alive.  Dr. Lutz-Craver grew Dr. Henshaw’s practice and it got to the point she needed help.  After a few years of trying to find the right fit, Dr. Lutz-Craver met Dr. Karner.  Upon Dr. Karner’s graduation in 2010 she began working and officially partnered with Dr. Lutz-Craver in January 2015.

The staff is no longer 5 individuals but 17!  The growth this practice has seen is unbelievable and we have our community, patients, and staff to thank! For 50 Days leading up to our grand celebration we have worked really hard trying to thank and surprise different businesses, organizations and individuals that not only helped us get to where we are today but that have been integral to our community.  These 50 Acts of Kindness have been so much fun to perform and we hope you have enjoyed following our “50 Acts” visits and surprises on our social media websites.

Although the name has changed along with the location, building, and Doctors there are many patients we see daily that were here from the start!   We are welcoming anyone and everyone to our practice on June 4th, 2015 for light refreshments, tours, and plenty of socializing from 4pm-6pm at our current location, 101 Life Enrichment Blvd, Shelby, NC 28150.

A BIG Thank You to all those that have supported us and given us a chance along the way!


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  1. It truly an honor to say Dr. Lutz -Craver and staff at Cornerstone Dental are a great bunch of people . They make the dental visit a joy. Its like a family atmosphere. I know their families and they know all of mine. Thank you all for being just yourselves

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