CDA In the Dominican Republic

As June comes to a close this week we can’t help but think where did it go?!  June was such a fulfilling month and extremely educational for our doctors.

As many of you already know, Dr. Lutz-Craver and Dr. Karner just recently returned from two separate surgical mission trips to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  These trips helped those individuals in the Dominican Republic that were in need of certain oral surgeries.


Dr. Lutz-Craver provided hours of FREE advanced 3rd molar surgery to multiple individuals that traveled specifically for this service to a clinic in which she was located.  She learned an array of advanced dental surgery techniques to remove teeth that are impacted in jaw bones (most wisdom teeth/3rd molars).

No sooner did Dr. Lutz-Craver get back into town, Dr. Karner hopped on a plane and made her trek to the Dominican to advance her surgery skills in implant placement by providing those necessary implant surgeries to the residents of the Dominican in need.  All patients received their dental surgery FREE of charge.  That’s over $80,000 in dental surgery Dr. Karner alone helped take care of for these individuals.

Talk about some amazing doctors we have at Cornerstone Dental!! Both doctors are excited to bring these advanced techniques back to Shelby, NC to help particular patients that need these types of surgical dental procedures.

As many of you who have done mission trips yourselves know, the feeling you get returning home is unlike any other.  The joy that filled these doctors hearts, the stories and the gratitude of the people they were able to help cannot even be described! We challenge all of you…help others…whether it’s through mission work or right here in Shelby, let’s do some good for our friends, neighbors and strangers!b6c073ebb12282b15e040e6e5c010806