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MOST OF US aren’t born knowing what career we will choose when we grow up, and some of us still aren’t sure what we want to do as adults! When we do find the right career, we can usually look back and point at a particular source of inspiration that really started us down that path, so our practice is taking a moment to celebrate what led us to the dental field!

The Path To Dentistry for Dr. Lauren Massey-Williams

What inspired you to go into the dental field? I was always a big math and science nerd in school. When I was younger, I thought about going into dental hygiene because I was fascinated with teeth but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. In college, I majored in Biochemistry and worked in a lab doing neurochemistry research. I LOVED the science part but HATED sitting in a lab by myself all day long so I decided to do something in healthcare.

Was there a particular person who first gave you the idea or an experience? The oral surgeon who took out my wisdom teeth, Steven Rodgers, let me be an extern in his office one summer. I loved it. I took the DAT and applied to dental school.

Has it been smooth going, or were there a lot of obstacles? Dental school is its own beast. The rigorous schedule and added stress took such a toll on my health that I got mono my first year and had to miss a few weeks of class. But, I had a great support system in my classmates who took notes for me and kept me caught up so I didn’t’ fall behind. I came back after that week and aced two exams!

Why are you grateful you chose this career path? Absolutely!  I’ve had some fantastic patients over the years and have learned so much about people, as well as myself. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

The Path To Dentistry for Dr. Christina Gliwa

What inspired you to go into the dental field? Was there a particular person who gave you the idea or an experience?  Throughout my life I  have had an interest in science, math, art, working with my hands, and helping others in need.  It was not until I met my orthodontist that my eyes were opened to the dental field.  She helped me achieve a beautiful smile, which increased my self-confidence.  They say, “A smile can light up a room”, and I soon saw the meaning of that.  Above all though, it was my orthodontist’s professionalism, knowledge, and positivity, that were truly inspirational and she became a role model for me.  From that young age, it became apparent that my personal qualities and the skills I enjoyed could be used for a career in dentistry.  Shadowing, assisting dentists, and dental related research only reinforced my passion for the field.

Has it been smooth going or were there a lot of obstacles?  Pursuing a career as a general dentist has not been an easy path.  People will often judge you and tell you to have another career path in mind as it isn’t for everyone, but I strongly believe that it is how you handle these obstacles in your life that shapes who you become.  It can make you or breaks you.  Throughout my schooling, there have always been people trying to crush my dreams and that was my biggest motivator.  Taking life’s obstacles and persevering is the key and without a doubt rewarding.  So never give up on your dreams!

Why are you grateful you chose this path?  I am beyond grateful that I have chosen this challenging and ever-evolving profession.  It requires a continuous pursuit of knowledge and adaptability to new technology.  Most of all, it is rewarding in the sense that I can help serve the community through my skills including educating others about oral health.  Good oral hygiene goes hand in hand with one’s overall health and well being, which cannot be emphasized enough.  The profession has truly made me grow as an individual and made me realize how hard work pays off.  Nothing makes me happier than feeling accomplished all the while helping others feel good about themselves and ensuring they receive the proper care they need.  Patients tend to become like family to me.  How many professionals can say that!

Are You Considering Dentistry?

If our stories have inspired you, that’s great! Come talk to us if you want to know more about going into the dental field. If not, we hope you find the career you love and make sure to keep scheduling your regular dental appointments to keep your teeth healthy along the way!

You’re part of the reason we love what we do!

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